Visibiome Vet

Visbiome® Vet is a high potency veterinary probiotic for dogs which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.

  • Aids in reducing occasional loose stools due to environmental stress or dietary changes
  • Helps support the protective layers of the bowel and maintain proper gut flora
  • Proprietary 8 Strain probiotic blend
  • Multiple controlled trials on precise product formulation

Why is Visbiome Vet Different?

Highest Available Concentration

112.5 Billion live bacteria per dose

Shipped and stored cold to ensure max potency

Activ-Vial bottle to absorb damaging ambient moisture which can impact the activity of the live bacteria.

Veterinarian Recommended

Only dispensed by veterinarians

Just the right temperature

Store Visbiome Vet in your refrigerator to ensure maximum potency.

Are You A

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