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Clinical Evidence & Publications

  • Jugan, et. al Probiotic may help support...GI health during chemo 2021. Read the article
  • Ziese et al. Effect of probiotic treatment..., PLoS ONE 2018.
    Read the abstract
  • White et al. Randomized, controlled trial evaluating the effect of
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    Read The Abstract
  • Lippi et al. Effects of probiotic..,Canadian Veterinary Journal 2017
    Read The Abstract
  • Rossi et al. Comparison of Microbiological, Histological, and
    Immunomodulatory Parameters..., PloS ONE 201. Read The Abstract
  • Arslan et al, Therapeutic effects of probiotic bacteria in Parvoviral …,
    Ondokuz Mayis University, 2012 Read The Abstract

Clinical Development Pipeline

ExeGi Pharma, The makers of Visbiome Vet is focused on research and development of microbiome science and expanding the use of the De Simone Formulation contained in Visbiome® Vet in a variety of therapeutic areas. ExeGi Pharma currently has five clinical trials ongoing in additional gastrointestinal conditions of both dogs and cats.

Disease StatePrimary EndpointSponsor/Collaborator Trial Design Estimated Enrollment
CKD in cats Reduction of serum indoxyl sulfate conc. and preservation of renal function Midwestern University Pilot trial TBD
Intestinal inflammation and fecal dysbiosis Canine Esomeprazole/Probiotic study (effect of probiotic admin. on fecal dysbiosis and intestinal inflam. Secondary to Esomeprazole admin in healthy dogs) University of Wisconsin Prospective, sequential study 14
Hepatic Encephalopathy HE clinical signs and blood ammonia levels University of Georgia Control vs Metronidazole 20
Canine Epilepsy Effect of probiotic on seizure frequency and microbiome in idiopathic epilepsy receiving anti-epileptic drugs University of Wisconsin Placebo-controlled, double-blinded, cross-over 30
Chronic Intermittent Diarrhea/evaluation of microbiome and fecal consistency in captive gibbons Evaluate changes to the microbiome and fecal consistency over time after probiotic treatment and identify taxa that may be involved in chronic intermittent diarrhea in captive gibbons Gibbon Conservation Center Multi-year study 37

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