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Shipping Policy

Visbiome® Vet ships anywhere in the United States and FREE shipping is the default option for standard online orders.  
Free Shipping is for the continental United States only.

FREE SHIPPING* to the continental United States on Standard Orders

All orders placed after 2:00pm EST on Tuesday, 11/24, will be held to ship until after the Thanksgiving holiday on Monday, 11/30

Need Visbiome® Vet Sooner?

 -  $25 Overnight Delivery is available for orders placed prior to 2:00 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays)
 -  $50 Saturday Delivery is available for orders placed prior to 2:00 p.m. on Fridays (excluding holidays)

Standard Shipping

Overnight Shipping

Shipped and Stored Cold for Potency

Visbiome® Vet is shipped and stored under refrigerated conditions (39-46°, 4-8°C) to ensure vitality, as exposure to heat could inactivate some of the live bacterial strains.

Every order is accompanied by a temperature monitoring sensor specifically calibrated for Visbiome Vet that helps to ensure your order did not experience impactful heat events during shipping.

Visbiome Vet can be stored at room temperature for up to one week without adversely affecting potency.

Questions About Your Order?  

A confirmation will be sent once your Visbiome Vet order has been placed. You will receive a second confirmation once your order has shipped, including tracking information.

To ensure secure, swift delivery a physical address must be provided when ordering. UPS does not deliver to post-office boxes. Additional shipping charges may apply if your order is undeliverable.  Signatures are not required for delivery. However, delivery is at the discretion of the UPS driver to leave your package at your door. ExeGi is not responsible for stolen orders.

For other questions regarding your order, call 1-844-348-4887 or email us