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Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Thoughts about Visibome Vet Capsules

I'm glad to have located your website 🙂. I find it both economical and convenient,
Thank you.


The product seems to be helping my dog that was recently diagnosed with lymphangiectasia which causes chronic diarrhea. The downfall of the product is that for his size, he has to get 4 capsules daily. He’s on a lot of medications so getting an additional 4 large capsules in him daily is not a fun task. If I open them and put them on his food, he won’t eat.


Our vet recommended Visbiome when one of our dogs had a gastrointestinal issue that wasn’t resolving. The problem quickly cleared, Our girl has a sensitive stomach and ever since we’ve given her Visbiome at the first sign of trouble. It has made a huge difference.

Good product, bad customer service

I have tried repeatedly to cancel auto delivery. I have a refrigerator full because no one listens

We appreciate you making us aware of your negative experience. We respond to all requests received within 24 hrs and depending on when the request is received it may be late to cancel an order that already processed. I apologize if you received an undesirable outcome.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Healed our dogs' stomach issues

Great product. One of our dogs had experienced some life-threatening stomach issues and once that healed her digestive issues became chronic. We were saddened as she had never experienced this before and we never feed her any table scraps or such. Our vet recommended we try Visbiome Vet and it totally solved ALL of her stomach issues. Both our pups have been on it for one year and we are SO pleased. No issues! It has improved their overall health and well being.

The first-time buyer and I were extremely surprised at how they packaged the order. I would buy them again and recommend them. I can't wait for future purchase.

Visbiome Pro Biotics

Excellent product, stopped mushy stools after several months of trying other probiotics.

Digestive Health

Great stuff. It has helped my cat’s digestive system greatly.

Visbiome Vet works

Our pet has major stomach issues and can only have hydrolyzed food. She will never be able to have regular protein. Since putting her on Visbiome it is very obvious how much better she feels. Highly recommend!

Game Changer!

We initially received Visbiome Vet from our veterinarian. We were skeptical at first; however, within two days of taking the packets he clearly felt better. His bowel movements where normal and he ran around like a puppy (he's 10yo). After the initial 30 days, we waited to see how he responded. Within a couple of weeks he was beginning to show digestive issues again. We ordered the product from the Visbiome store online. It came quickly and very well packaged. We began giving it to him again and he is back to running around and begin a silly, happy boy. We can't thank you enough for this product. It has truly improved his health and quality of life.

Excellent poops

Our beagle has IBD affecting his upper digestive tract and is taking Visbiome for over a year now. His labs are good and his poops outstanding. We believe that Visbiome and Cobalamin help a lot with digestion. Thank you

Great Reliable Product

Always reliable and in good condition via delivery. Thank you.

Visbiome Vet - Packets

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 4 Pack

Top Notch

Second time ordering. The probiotics were shipped very quickly and packaged professionally. My dog's G.I. issues seem to have gone away. Would/will definitely order again.

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 2 Pack
Janet Beyersdorfer

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 2 Pack

Visbiome Vet Delivery and Service

First off I have to say I was very concerned about ordering a product that needed to stay cold during shipping.

Those concerns were addressed by the very informative representative I spoke with prior to my first order. Purchasing, checkout and delivery process went amazing. I also needed an invoice for my pet insurance which the representative supplied me with after I completed the process. I should have started this a year ago. Oh and did I mention it was less expensive purchasing directly from the company instead of through my vets office! Win!!!

Love this stuff

Helps my dog's gut stay healthy and his poop normal.

Vet recommended - pricey but worth it!

We have 2 Westies - 1 w/ a very sensitive stomach that is prone to diarrhea. He also has had an incident of pancreatitis. Visbiome has helped our boy's issues significantly. I have also found that if he wont take the capsule, i can cut it & sprinkle on his food... The picky eater didnt even notice and now i have 2 less balttles (forcing of a capsule & worrying about diarrhea!)

Helped senior dog with IBD

Vet recommended product to help 15 yr old dog with sever IBD issues. I fell this has made a huge difference in pets health and comfort. Have been using for several months along with 3 FMT treatments.

Seems to work on my dog

Seems to work on my dog. I wish you could order for people and your dog on one site and pay from one cart. I was going to order for myself but I’m not going through a whole other deal to order for me.

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It is still too soon for us to know if these will work for out Kitty. But, I know it will be hard for us to continue giving him this, as it is very expensive.


Great service! I always receive my order in a timely manner

Great, effective product

My geriatric cat has IBD and is on a special diet. I tried metronidazole and other probiotics to no improvement. Her diarrhea finally cleared up once being on Visbiome. So thankful!

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack