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Visbiome Vet - Packets
Pauline Masuhr
Visbiome Vet - Packets

Thank you for your prompt service. My pet is undergoing cancer treatment and her tummy is a bit irritated. Our oncologist recommended trying the Visbiome packets. It is helping and we are hoping that she will have improvement.

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack


Receive in good time

Cancer surgery

Our dog Howie recently had surgery for cancer. Our surgeon put him on Visbiome Vet to help him out after surgery. Howie has liver issues and IBD also a the results were remarkable. We chose to change his probiotic to Visbiome vet because it helped him with all his issues. He eats much better and has better gut health since switching. Howie is a happier pup.

My dog feels better in every way when he takes Bisbiome!

See above

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack

Helps my dog with IBD

I have a dachshund with IBD and this has helped curb her flare ups. Worth every penny!

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Janet Dunigan
Visbiome Probotics

Everything was great. My German Shepherd is doing good and believe when she has been it on longer will make a big difference.

Prompt Delivery

After contacting the company about needing a refill sooner than expected, they filled my request and received my order within days.


My Bernese Mountain dog was showing signs of kidney disease but after having him on Visbiome for a couple of months, his signs have slowed. Not sure of all that is going on but I am thrilled with Visbiome and the health it promotes🤗

Once I received the package, everything was fine. It was packaged very well. It remained cold enough. The sensor was the correct color. I did expect it to arrive sooner than it did. Overall I was very happy with the experience.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Colleen Albright

Very beneficial for 3 year old rescue german shepherd with GI issues - much improved by just adding this change to the feeding routine as recommended by our vet. Thank you!

Wonderful product

My dog is very sensitive to most products. She Is doing so well on Visbiomevet. She now has normal bowel movements. I will continue to use this till she is cured.
Thank you for this exceptional product!

PAWS Program improves the lives of sanctuary cats!

Thanks to Visbiome's PAWS Program, our Cat Sanctuary has been able to provide our cats with high-quality probiotics. With over 70 cats, many of them coming from hoarding or neglect situations, their digestive health is very important! Thank you to the Visbiome team for supporting animal rescues!

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 2 Pack

Visbiome vet

Since starting Visbiome Bears poops have been much better

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack

Visbiome packets for dogs

"Faith" is a 98 lb., 10 mos old Cane Corso with Irritable Bowel Disease. I have been very pleased with the Visbiome Packets recommended by my vet at Waterhouse Animal Hospital in Clovis, CA. She requires 2 per day with her feeding due to her weight/size. I like them because I can sprinkle and stir them into her HA Vetinary food and she likes the meal!! She's sustaining and gaining weight. She is only having 1 bout of diarrhea lasting 3-4 days per month. I would love a frequent buyer coupon!! :)

Visbiome is the VERY BEST!!!

My rescue Willie has been taking Visbiome Vet since August of 2023 and it has been a HUGE game changer. A life saver really. Visbiome Vet is awesome and so is their customer service. I recently had a shipment sent to my home and it was stolen. I called Visbiome in a panic, since Willie takes Visbiome every day and I had one packet left. Michelle, the client service associate helping me, jumped into action and reordered it for me with overnight delivery - at no charge! I got it the next day and was so grateful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have a lifetime client. And Michelle is a ROCKSTAR!

Outstanding!Without service peer!!

Knowledgeable and helpful!!
Lightening like temperature protected shipping.
All at reasonable cost.
My cat and I are new 'forever' clients.
Highly recommend.
Thank you.
SWK Esq.

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 2 Pack

We Received the Biome As Promised and When Scheduled