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These reviews are the opinions of customers that have purchased Visbiome Vet.
Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Have not used yet

Have been using your regular product for my dog for years. I only ordered the vet one but would like to know the difference and why

Thank you for your review and question. The Visbiome Medical Food for Humans and the Visbiome Vet Capsules have the same exact formulation. The difference is that the Visbiome Vet product is dosed based on weight.

Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at 844-348-4887 if you have any additional questions.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
rahim Zabihi

Visbiome Vet - Packets

not sure

My dog has been taking this for about 3 months and I am not sure how much it helps for the price

Thank you for your review. You may want to reach out to your veterinarian to ensure you are giving the correct dose to your fur baby.


Has markedly improved our old cats IBS.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Melanie Hnot
Visbiome packets

I received the packets last week. Just like the capsules they have helped my greyhound a lot. Much more so than other probiotics. The packets were easy to cut open and sprinkle on his food. My greyhound is definitely a visbiome dog!

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Patricia Dalton

Packets are so much easier than capsule. I have arthritic fingers and had trouble breaking open the capsules.

Great cold packaging!

I didn’t order these

I was put on a subscription that I did not request

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience. Our subscription program can only be set up by the customer via our website. Maybe you set up the subscription in error without realizing it. We have reached out to directly to discuss this matter in more detail.

Sorry no for my dog

Sorry i know that is very good probiotic but dont work in my dog,she had flatulence and diarrea.

We appreciate you making us aware of your negative experience. Our customers experiences are extremely important to us. We will have one of your Medical Affairs team members reach out to you to discuss your fur baby's symptoms in more detail.

my geriatric cat loves it

My vet recommended Visbiome for my 15 year old cat who was losing weight. I sprinkle it on top of his food and he loves it.

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack
Kimberleigh Hannan
First Order

Order came quickly.. well packed and when one of my bottles had a lifted safety seal.. it was immediately replaced. My pet and I are new to Visibiome probiotics having started getting them at our vets office only starting last month, but so far, the online ordering has been frictionless and convenient.

Game changer

These have saved my little Yorkie, she is 11 and all of a sudden started having explosive diarrhea, The vet finally recommended these and so far so good.

Came carefully wrapped in a timely matter. Lily just started the capsules. So far so good!

Cielo and Vera

Helped greatly with chronic diarrhea

Good product

This probiotic works well with my dogs and they ship fast and they made sure the product I received was at the correct temperature.

Game changer

My dog was having GI issues from his chemo treatments and Visbiome was a game changer. My dog’s oncologist recommended it for him due to loose bowel issues from chemo


Trixie does much better taking Visbiome for she takes medication and is on a special food diet.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Renate Penny

So far we do not see a change, actually my Chihuahua has been throwing up after I mix it with food. He only weighs 8.5 lbs. He has IBD and my vet suggested Visbiome. The only difference is his stool is softer. I do not see anything on your product description that it helps with IBD.

We appreciate you making us aware of Chico's experience. We have forwarded this information to our Medical Affairs team who will reach out to you to discuss Chico's experience. Please feel free to contact our customer service team at 844-348-4887 (Mon - Fri 8:30a - 5p EST) with any questions.

On time, packaged perfectly

I was informed all the way
As soon as I placed my order until delivery in my doorstep in an insulated box.

Great product

My dog with IBS is doing very well with this product.

helped my dog

Buddy was over vaccinated as a puppy. We were feeding him an excellent diet and using another brand of probiotic. After switching to Visbiome vet his symptoms have greatly improved. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!!!

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 2 Pack


What a difference Visbiome has made for our 10 year old Wheaten! She is like a puppy again.

Package delayed

Package delayed. Have not received it but did receive the replacement package.

Thank you for your post! We are so sorry your first order was not delivered but are happy to hear that you received your replacement order.

Did the trick

Our 4 month old golden retriever had loose stools for a couple of weeks, and after negative tests for parasites, our vet suggested Visbiome and fiber foods. In just about a week, Dusty had "firmed up." Great product.

Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear that Dusty is responding well to Visbiome Vet.