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These reviews are the opinions of customers that have purchased Visbiome Vet.
Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Cautiously optimistic

My dog has a protein losing nephropathy and has to be on Mycophenolate for an extended period of time if not the rest of his life. This has been the only probiotic we have tried that has given any thin ones and consistency to his stools. It is definitely improved and no longer like muddy water. We have soft serve and I am thrilled. I’m hoping it will continue to improve over time.

Visbiome Vet - Bottle - 4 Pack

First delivery went well!

Thank you! This Probiotic has been a saving grace for our Cavipoo who has a sensitive GI system!

Great for my yellow lab Heath!

E loved it and so do I for him.

I wish I could order fewer monthly bottles as I have way to many now for just one dog.
Love the product.

Hello Kathryn,

Thank you for the positive feedback. We also offer a 2 pack. Please let us know if you need assistance managing your subscription.

Thank you,

Great Results

My 14 yo chihuahua has greatly benefited from taking one each day.

My boy Chisum was diagnosed with IBD. VISBIOME has greatly improved his appetit as well as he is finally gaining weight. Thanks to outstanding veterinary care as well as Visbiome Vet.

Fantastic product

We love this product and this company to help keep our 14 year old pug active and healthy. We have been using it for the last 6 months and our dog who often gets infections in the folds of her face has been bacteria and fungus free. The quality of the product is excellent, and such care is taken in the packaging to ensure the temperature is not compromised- we really value that. Thank you for an excellent product!

We’ve had visbiome about a week now and I can already tell that it’s working. After only the second day of taking it my cat started to have normal bowel movements again. So far we are very happy with the product!


The probiotic is working, and having the twin pack is easier to handle. The mailing packaging is wonderful. I will keeping ordering this way .

Big improvement

My baby Badger 9YO pure bred seal point apple head Siamese has irritable lower Gi bowel syndrome and the combination of Budesonide and visbiome vet has improved his quality of life immensely. Probably a good product for most pets actually.

Saved my dogs life

She was so deathly sick twice a year going to emergency vet for days. Come to find out my dog had colitis or ( IBS-D ) and would vomit pure blood or pure bloody diarrhea. Till vet told me about this wonderful product. If not for veterinary doctor help and this Amazing product. I know my dog would have died. Thank you for an amazing probiotic where all other kinds have failed!!! Everett

Wonderful probiotic for my dog's tricky stomach

My dog Schooner has always had digestive issues. He's been prescribed Metronidazole on numerous occasions to treat diarrhea. After yet, another round of Metronidazole, I added Visbiome to his diet, and amazingly, no more diarrhea. Stools are now solid and well formed. This probiotic is a God-send and I would highly recommend it for any dog having chronic digestive issues.

Visbiome Vet Saved Our Levi's Life

Levi is our three year old Shih Tzu who was diagnosed with IBD at 18 months. He was placed on several medications, and in July 2020 was diagnosed with diabetes.

Levi's IBD was taking a serious toll on his life. His appetite was almost non-existent, and he was losing weight.

His specialist prescribed Visbiome Vet in an attempt to basically save his life.

WOW, what a change!! The little guy takes one daily, and his appetite has improved 150%! With his insulin now stable, he's back to the active buddy he was before the dreaded diagnoses.

Trust me, if you have a special little guy or girl in your life that has a gut problem, please, please try Visbiome Vet! You owe it to your buddy.

Note: I have no financial interest in the Visbiome Company. I do have an interest in helping folks keep their buddies as healthy as possible! God bless.


Product is all ways received in prompt time and great condition.

Surprising Benefit

Our vet prescribed this for our dog who has cancer, along with several other holistic treatment meds. She's doing well, overall. She'd been having issues with recurrent fungal ear infections long before her cancer diagnosis and nothing helped for long. This week she went to the groomer for the first time since she went on Visbiome, and when she wiped my dogs ear flaps she did a double-take and asked me to look at them. For the first time in years her ear canals were completely clean, pink and healthy looking, with no trace of the usual brown exudate. I attribute this to the healthy gut flora she now has thanks to Visbiome.


Quick delivery and awesome product.

Seems to be working

My holistic vet put my dog on Visbiome. He is getting better and better every day. May it continue

Very Impressed

Arrived on time. It was packaged very well. They were cold. After the first bottle, the dog had noticeable difference in her skin looking better. Will definitely recommend!

Great service

Item arrived quickly, well packed

Visbiome Vet - Bottle - 2 Pack

I was impressed with the delivery of the Visbiome probiotic. It was insulated very well and included was a temperature insurance tab that let you know that the probiotic arrived within the correct temperature range. Also, the delivery was fast. I received within 2 days. The product is very good as well. I have been using another probiotic for my dog which worked okay, however I believe the Visbiome works much better. He is not letting off gas like he use to.

Game changer

After months of diarrhea with no resolve after tests and switching diets and meds, this was a game changer. Combined with a simple half cup of fiber one cereal with her normal dog food, she’s a new dog! We were hitting a brick wall with her and it was unsustainable. Thank you so much!

Great Product

Have always given my dog probiotics...but these seem to be making a real positve difference...10+yr old White German Shepard who was having stomach upset issues lately. Vet recommended Visbiome. Expensive but seems worth it.
The delivery was fast - even right before YrEndHolidays - and the packaging was amazing; securely pakaged and arrived very cold as required. Thank you.

Fantastic product and service!

Charlie takes Visbiome daily to reduce the severe symptoms of IBD.As a matter of fact, he’s lived a lot longer than the hospital vet said he would with progesterone as his prescribed treatment. He’s using Visbiome instead and is happy, energetic and healthy as a 13 year old kitty would be. Thank you!

Fast shipment

Great packaging.