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These reviews are the opinions of customers that have purchased Visbiome Vet.
Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Easy Ordering / Fast Shipping

This was my first order and I was very pleased with the ease of ordering and the expedited shipping. This product works very well for my two (2) dogs.

Visbiome Vet - Bottle - 2 Pack


I have been using it since 07 and it works!!! I found out you had it for dogs and knew it was the only one to use. It really has improved the life of my dog!!

Great product. My dog appears to be feeling better now that she’s been taking Visbiome regularly. Thank you

New Dog

My dog suffered from severe IBD symptoms. Nothing seemed to help until her doctor suggested Visbiome Vet. She is coming off medications, initiating play, and seems the most like her old self since her diagnosis. Within one week I noticed a change and one month later she’s like a new dog!

Wonderful Product!!

After six months of having terrible diarrhea, my pup was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. We went through so many tests so many different types of foods so many supplements and nothing seem to work. It wasn’t until my internist recommended visbiome vet. After being on it for a few days I am mediately noticed a major difference in his stool firmed up immediately. We have continue to use it and I can only provide those looking for help with diarrhea or intestinal issues The highest recommendation to purchase this product.

Amazing and worth the price.

My senior was having stomach issues, all tests showed nothing wrong. I changed his diet various times without any success until an internist prescribed Visbiome. Yuchie is 16 and by getting his daily dose in his food he now has more good days than bad. They've truly improved his quality of life. Thank you!

So far so good

Really too soon to tell, but hoping this helps my dog with chronic analysis gland issues. She doesn’t mind it poured over her food. Hoping for a good vet visit in the future.

Haven't had enough time to see results yet, but please make smaller capsules

Overall, I am happy with this product. I was asked for a review (multiple times) before I had the chance to see whether the product was working, but my cat eats it, so that's good. However, I would far prefer to give this to her as an oral capsule. It's WAY too big for that. Could you consider making a cat-sized pill?

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your valuable feedback we have shared your feedback with the team for further consideration.

Thank you,

I was so impressed of the packaging.

When my shipment was delivered I happen to be gone. I got home I thought it was going to be ruined..
I open this package and OMG 😳 it was cold and ice bags still frozen. 👌🏼. I recommend buying from you again and here is a picture of my dog doing great now

2 bottle pack visbiome

Better price than others.

It’s a miracle pill. Our Dog has regained her health. Thank you

Excellent Health

It all begins in the gut and this high quality probiotic is the way to go. I have recommended it to several of my pet owning friends and I love the human one too! My 20 year old kitty has more energy and it is overall great for her and my 10 year old pup is using it as well. Good stuff

Very pleased!

Visbiome Vet has become a must in our care for our dog since our internal specialist prescribed it a month ago. After years of loose stools and then a long 4 months of daily diarrhea (sometimes with blood), many tests to try to diagnose a problem and finally just insisting on getting referred to a specialist, our furbaby is doing better. We are grateful to Dr. Dawn Martin at Clearwater Animal Referral Center and to the makers of Visbiome Vet for the improvement. I will be recommending all my friends and our favorite dog rescue group to Visbiome Vet because a healthy tummy IS a quality of life! I would give 10 stars for Visbiome Vet & the prompt fill of my order.

Absolutely Effective

This product gives me Peace of mind knowing that my 15 year old little man is feeling great and can sleep through the night without colitis. This stuff is magic. Thank you

Has really helped

My yorkie has IBD and this seems to be helping a bit keep his poo firm

Noticed a difference in 2 weeks with my IBD kitty

I noticed a significant, positive difference in the stools of my IBD kitty in about 2 weeks. He is currently having a hard to manage flare that has been going on for about 3 months, but Visbiome is looking like it will be an important part of his management plan.

Vet Prescribed for IBD

Been giving to my dog for a couple of weeks now. Kind of tough getting them down but I’ll keep trying...

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Visbiome Vet capsules may be opened and sprinkled on room temperature or below food. Hot food may affect the potency of Visbiome Vet.

Thank you,

So far, so good !

Our little kitten, Harvey, has IBD. Visbiome has helped tremendously, and we hope it will continue. Thanks everybody.

All good

Online ordering and delivery was easy and completed as promised.

Unexpected benefits

This was prescribed as part of my dog's treatment for cancer. She's doing well with that. But her chronic ear infections have also resolved, which is something we didn't expect.

Staff was awesome in working with me! Very pleasurable experience. The person I talked with was extremely personable and knowledgeable. And I received the product timely!

Derpy kidney kitty

Purchased for 15 year old cat with advanced kidney disease to treat chronic diareah and only been taking it 5 days. He takes 2 capsules per day and I have not yet noticed a change in stools. Going to give it more time.

Her stomach hasn't made any gurgling noises and her stools are solid. I think it is doing it job. Thank you