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These reviews are the opinions of customers that have purchased Visbiome Vet.
Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Waiting and hoping

I have 2 cats who have had bile issues since March and we have tried everything. This hopefully will work. Haven’t seen any difference yet. Been only around 5 days give or take.

Best thing ever

My older dog of about 15 years was having digestive issues. At the direction of our vet started him on probiotics. He’s doing amazing!! This and we give him a b12 shot weekly.

I have returned the product.

My Cat, who is not a fussy eater, refused to eat her food when I sprinkled Visbiome Vet on the food. I have returned the product.

Satisfied Duo

Both my dog and I are satisfied with our Visbiome Vet 2 Pack. The online purchase was smooth and easy, our order came quickly too - just in time because we were on our last capsule (prescribed by ER vet to take with/after antibiotic). Thank you.

Trevi’s new best friend

We have used several probiotics for Trevi. While in Florida our Vet recommend Visbiome Vet and we have used it ever since. Excellent product for Trevi and his challenging digestive issues.

Life changer for my chihuahua

Visbiome has been a life changer for my chihuahua. She considers it a treat when I give it to her. She feels much better since she’s been taking visbiome. I recommend it to anyone who asks for probiotic recommendations.

Great Probiotic

Our dog Riley was having off and on intestinal problems that Fortiflora didn't seem to cure. Out vet recommended Visbiome and she has not had any further issues!! Thank you!!

Great service

The BEST probiotic I have ever used for my dogs!

I have a dog with IBS and this is by far, the best, probiotic I have ever used.

Visbiome Vet - Bottle - 2 Pack
Nataliya Dumanska
Best probiotics for my dogs

This is the best probiotics for my tiny Yorkies and my vet highly recommended exactly the Visbiome Vet probiotics. We are very happy that we can by it directly from Visbiome Vet. Delivery was fast and in cool like small fridge box.

Super product, great customer service.

We have been using Visbiome for our cat who has IBD, at the recommendation of our vet. So far this product has helped with symptom improvement, and we are hoping this increases over time as her intestines heal from severe inflammatory damage. In addition, our cat adores the taste (we mix it into her wet food with a bit of water). As anyone who has tried to medicate a cat knows, it’s practically a miracle when they will eat something mixed into their food. One more thing: we had a recent delivery delayed, and the customer service reps at Visbiome went out of their way to make sure we got a substitute delivery so that we didn’t run out. Super customer service. Highly recommend both the product and this company.

So far, so good

My dog has cancer and is having a lot of stomach upset. One of his doctor's recommended using a probiotic. When I told her I had not had good luck with one brand, she suggested this one. It has worked much better. I am hopeful that I will be able to take him off his med for diarrhea and just use the Visbiome probiotic.

Even though it arrived a day later than expected, it was still cold and good to go.

Great customer service

Jacqueline was great to work with, quickly responded, and helped me greatly!

Extremely happy/pleased with the customer service individual; I had concerns regarding the very hot weather and a slight delay in delivery (the fault of Fed Ex, not you!). So far my dog seems to be responding very well to the probiotic.

excellent packaging for shipping

We give our cats your visbiome vet daily and we were so relieved that it arrived with the cold packs still cold and the temp assurance gauge inside. Very impressive packaging during what is extremely hot weather at this time. We will definitely be ordering from you again!

Excellent product.

This is actually my second purchase of the 2-pack. It is an excellent probiotic and works far better than I had hoped. No GI distress even with the first dose, it improved Mary's stool with the first dose. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so!

Excellent Product

The first time my senior dog has had consistently solid stools in over two years. I am very impressed with this product.

Visbiome has been a game changer

My poor GSDs both suffer from sensitive stomachs and one with allergic skin rashes. We had tried everything, and nothing worked. My little one was pretty much stuck in a chronic diarrhea cycle. A specialist vet recommended Visbiome, and it has been amazing!! No more diarrhea and her skin rashes are gone! This will be in our fridge from now on!

Concerned pet parent with a quick Visbiome customer service quality response and assistance…

After some discussion about my dog with my vet, since my dog has an immune deficiency and has been on proviable for over 2-1/2 years, I wanted to see if there was any other probiotic that maybe might help my dog because it seems that we’ve controlled his diet but his skin keeps going thru cycles, so my vet recommends Visbiome, but to start him off in smaller portions than what is recommended since my vet says that Visbiome is maybe 8 times stronger than my last probiotic, so I started him off on Visbiome in smaller portions and it seems so far that my dog is taking it well and it is still too early to tell how this is helping his skin disorder, but only time will tell…

Visbiome Vet Probiotic

This high potency probiotic has had a positive impact on my little guy’s digestive system. No more sensitive stomach or loose stools/diarrhea. It’s such a relief to see my boy back on track and happy.

Everything was fine, as you promised.

Visbiome Vet - Bottle - 2 Pack

Works Great!

Vis Biome has made all the difference in my rescue hound's gut issues and even has made his coat shine. He's really healthy now!

Dogs Doing Better

Our 12 year old male had been having some loose stools. After taking this probiotic his stools are much better and best of all neither dogs has as much flatulence. That is a big plus! Nice to know that their systems are in better shape.