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Works quickly and seems to encourage my dog to eat her food too!

My vet originally prescribed Visbiome when Cooper the dog got into something and had terrible diarrhea. Visbiome immediately worked and we kept her on it for two weeks. I realize she actually seems better overall on the supplement so I ordered for every other day use.


I ordered probiotics for my dog. The item was shipped overnight as they promised. The packaging was excellent. the item was so carefully packed and kept in cold. Thank you!

Charley’s Visbiome

Charley is 13 year old Maltese Terrier and VISBIOMEVET has changed his life
He is acting more like a puppy and has never been so healthy

Helped my dog's digestive system

My senior dog went through 2-2.5 months of persistent diarrhea, soft stools, belly gurgling, gas and was losing weight. The vet recommended this in addition to Rx meds and a low fat kibble diet to treat what seemed to be IBD. Took about a month for his body to get used to the probiotics (it was a very smelly month of farts...) but toward the end of the month, his stools were firm and consistent (bathroom breaks 2x a day), the gas stopped, no more belly noises. This was about 2 years ago since he started taking Visbiome 2x a day. It is pricey but covered by my pet insurance as it is vet recommended. I open the capsules and sprinkle the powder on top of his food; he doesn't mind it at all and he's pretty picky about that kind of thing. Really glad this works :)

He’s pooping!

My poor little cat is chronically constipated without any real medical reason that can be found so far.

My cat has been pooping since he has been taking the visions packets in his wet food. He does still need to take miralax on a daily basis, but I feel like the size of his BM’s are alot bigger. He seems more relaxed and is eating an appropriate amount of food each day, which is a struggle when he is constipated.

5 Star Customer Service

Visbiome Vet excels with their science based solutions for our Service Animals and with outstanding Customer Service for trainers and owners. 5 star products and service!

Probiotic packets are the bomb!

I really like the easy to use probiotic packets. My big 95 pound Shepard, Bodhi, takes 2 daily. I mix with his dry food and he gobbles it up. The powder sticks on the kibble so it doesn't end up on the bottom of the bowl uneaten.
The packets are sent in cooling packaging to keep the probiotics fresh.
I can't say enough how happy I am with having Bodhi on this product!

Great price! Great product!

This daily dose of pre/probiotocs has been a miracle worker for my newest foster fail. He would get sick, nearly every time he ate. Drooling, yeast infections in his paws. No more issues since putting him on this product. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Best thing since sliced bread!

My dog’s diarrhea has completely stopped. He hast to take heart meds, which irritates his GI tract. As a result he has been on meds for diarrhea, and nausea, with occasional antibiotics. That has all stopped since he went on this probiotic. It’s amazing!!!

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 4 Pack
Maria Anagnostopoulos
So far so good

These were recommended by my dog’s internist to combat dysbiosis, in order to hopefully get his glucose to a more normal level in the treatment of diabetes - too soon to tell but once he’s on it for a month, the hope is that this will help

Visbiome review

Once ordered the items came pretty quickly. The website lets you know when to expect it based off when you order. The items were packaged well! In a cooler with lots of ice packs. There's a small card that will let you know if the medicine was exposed to warm temps. I purchased the probiotic powder, and while I have an 80 lb dog that means she has to have 2 packs a day. We're currently treating for a high bacterial infection, and our vet recommended some probiotics such as these. They're kind of pricey, but my dog eats her food with no problems! Just sprinkle the packet on the food. Packaging says it's tasteless and that's a big deal for us as our pup is particular.

Great probiotic

Great probiotic. Easy to order and shipped quickly in a nicely cold container.

seems to work well and is well tolerated

Although a little on the spendy side, this has worked well to really iron out GI issues with our two cats.

Hope it will help my cat

Delivered on time and packed well.
Great customer service, I am hoping these will help my boy Tolstoy who has suffered from constipation for the last few years. Just received so have to give it some time .. mixes easy in his wet food.

VB for GI issues

Vet suggested Vbiome for terrier with loose bowel issues. Seems to help.

Received all in good order (pun intended)!

The order was received timely, when and as promised. My dog is eating the powder on his food without issue. He seems to be doing well on your product.

Have been using for my dog with IBD for several years and he is doing great!

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 4 Pack

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 4 Pack

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - Mini Case
Main Line Animal Rescue
Shelter pets approved!

We are very thankful for our order and have started various animals as soon as the order was received!

Probiotic capsules

We started our guy on Visbiome’s probiotics once he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. They’ve really made a world of difference on his digestive track and we’re so happy to have found a product that we can trust and that helps him!

Very effective

We were prescribed this and it worked but we had to buy again due to our boy eating things he shouldn’t. But this is half the price what we got from the vet.


This really works

My dog has always had diarrhea on and off for no medical reason but after using Visbiome, now perfect. Extremely happy with this product. Give it a try.

Refrigeration was good delivery delivery was timely.