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These reviews are the opinions of customers that have purchased Visbiome Vet.
Visbiome Vet is a high potency probiotic for pets which is used to support normal inflammatory responses in the GI tract and to help maintain gut health.
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Healthy gut happy pup!

We can tell a huge difference in our dog Bailey after he started this! He is feeling much better. Great product!

Large capsules

Capsules are too lager to give my cat. I bought them so I wouldn’t have to sprinkle supplements on his food. Unfortunately they are too large for him to swallow so I will need to sprinkle them on his food and hope he doesn’t have a problem with the taste and eat all his food.

Thank you for your feedback. The capsules are on the large side for a cat. We do see larger pets take them whole. Fingers crossed your cat will not taste Visbiome in his food.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Catherine Loiacono
It didn't help

It didn't help his bowels. I gave him 2 packs with his breakfast each morning. He's had all the tests on his digestive system and all his organs are working properly. I was hoping it word work, but..

Thank you for your feedback. Our customers experiences are extremely important to us. Our VP of Animal Health will be reaching out to you directly to discuss your pet's experience in more detail.

Gettilng the job done

On the recommendation of our vet, we switched from the previous probiotic we were using to Visbiome, and so far, all’s good!

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 4 Pack


So far, so good!

Shipment arrived on time and packaged well! My dog has no issues taking capsules or when sprinkled on food! He has been taking them for approximately a week and can see improved changes- particularly with a routine potty schedule.

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack

Too early to be able to give a review of the product. The Customer Service Representative was very helpful when ordering. The Visbiome was carefully packed and mailed.

Visbiome capsules are helping our dog!

After having numerous bouts of diarrhea, our vet introduced us to Visbiome Capsules. So far, so good.


Been using this with great results for a pup with gastric issues

Great service

My vet does not carry Visbiome but they suggested I order directly from you. I did and you were great! Good communication and fast service. I really feel this has helped my dog a lot.

Sized for a dog not a cat

I don’t think ill be trying to give this giant capsule to my cat

Thank you for your feedback. Visbiome Vet Capsules are made to be opened and the powder sprinkled on the pets food.

Visbiome Vet - Packets
Kristen Rotondo
GI Issues doing better

I don't leave reviews. My cat has some GI things going on my vet is on top of it but lately her stools have been just awful and the standard probiotics haven't been helping. My vet recommended trying this. Literally by the day three her liquid poop is already more like a pudding/puddy. A definite improvement. Worth every penny to know it's working and my kitty is feeling better.

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 3 Pack
Daniel Brubaker Horst
Good product, absurd shipping box

Previously, I ordered a single box and it was packed appropriately. When I ordered a 3-box set they sent it to me in a Styrofoam box the size of a large cooler, something like 20x the volume it needed to be. It turned out fine but it was a head-scratcher.

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, we have 2 different size boxes. Our 100% recycle box is 10x10x9' and can fit most orders. We also have a 24x18x17' styrofoam cooler inside of a white box that is used for any orders that don't fit into our recycle box. We are working on adding a medium size box.

The 3 boxes of the Visbiome Vet Packets won't fit in our 100% recycle box. :-(

Visbiome Vet - Capsules - 2 Pack

Effective probiotic for our cat

Recommended by our Vet. Diarrhea ended in two days. Vet recommended a daily dose and no recurrence of problem for over a year.

Excellent product!!!

My vet recommended visbiome. I have seen a huge improvement in my dogs digestion since using visbiome! It is an excellent product, customer service are professional and courteous!

Happy tummy, happy mummy

With out this stuff, life would be ruff. Visbiome helps quiet my lil Monster’s tummy growls keeping his digestive system in balance.

We give this two paws of approval.

Easy order, delayed shipping again

I love the order process and it always comes packed very well. My only complaint is this is the 2nd time the shipping has been delayed by a day. So why am I paying for faster shipping when it arrives late?

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you making us aware of your negative experience. This is certainly not the experience we want for our customers.

Anytime there is a delivery issue please contact us right away at 844-348-4887b so that we take necessary actions to rectify the issue.

Helpful and apparently tasty

My cat's internal med specialist recommended Visbiome Vet to help with her IBD. I'm happy to say that I have seen improvements at the litter box since we've been using the product. Even better, she loves the powder and will happily lick the bowl when I sprinkle it on top of her dry food- no pilling needed!

Visbiome Vet - Packets - 3 Pack
Judith KUDRNA Cohen
LEAH LU saved by Visbiome!!

My poor Newfoundland girl, was battling loose stools and chronic diarrhea since Feb. of this year. I spent hundreds of dollars on trying different products and nothing worked, So I took her to the University of Penn in Phila. Pa. and they started her immediately on your product! It has been a lifesaver for her.and I am so glad we found out about this product.!

Miracle Worker

Our dog had regular GI issues. And he’s 100 lbs. And the LAST think you want to do is clean up after a 100lb dog’s GI issues. Our vet recommended Visbiome. That, and a switch to a sensitive food for his diet and he’s good to go.

We even got the human version for our daughter. Same success.

Visbiome vet capsules

Product shipped very quickly to Hawaii and the temperature was not compromised, these are the only probiotics that work for my dog. He had loose stool for months even after switching to prescription food. These capsules did the trick.

Amazing little pill!

Our oldest pup has always had a super sensitive stomach - we've had her stool analyzed more times than I can count. After a month long battle with diarrhea and soft stools, our vet suggested Visbiome. After a few days, she was back to normal (feeding one pill a day). Two weeks later, we transitioned her to MWF with dinner, and it's been great! I 100% recommend trying this product out if you're struggling with your pups stomach. Nothing else has worked even CLOSE to as good as this did.