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We harbor a deep sense of responsibility for our

Just as our high potency probiotics restore a sense of harmony within your body,
ExeGi Pharma, the maker of Visbiome and Visbiome Vet, is dedicated to creating environmentally
friendly products that balance business needs with the ExeGreen initiative.

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Packaging Design

No more foam coolers!  Visbiome Vet is shipped in 100% curbside recyclable boxes, eliminating the need for EPS foam, which has long been the standard for cold chain shipping.

Transporting Our High
Potency Probiotics

Carbon neutral shipments! All our shipments are transported through a carbon offset program that is managed by UPS and certified by The Carbon Neutral Company. We strive to deliver the best probiotics, sustainably.

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Reducing Carbon-Heavy Air Shipments

Lower C02 emissions!  Our expanded warehouse locations cover both coasts, reducing the need for carbon-heavy air shipments and emissions.

Reducing Carbon-Heavy
Air Shipments

Powered by wind and sun! The Visbiome main office operates on a mix of solar and wind energy through Clean Choice Energy and is 100% pollution free.

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